Detox and health diets

Detox diet

I’ve been one of the very many people to try to improve their health or detoxify their body through the use of diet. Each time, I had no medical advice; only the advice from books, magazines and, of course, advertisements, where the “experts” were in fact journalists or marketers.

In hindsight, taking medical advice from a journalist or a marketer seems to be a bit, well, silly, to say the least.

The BBC has reported on the pointlessness of a detox diet and the potential harms of supplements without medical advice. It can even be dangerous.

The fact is that plant and animal life has evolved over billions of years to deal with all sorts of inputs. Your body is finely tuned to keep itself healthy, constantly pumping out toxins, and making good use of the food, water and air that goes into it.

Your body doesn’t need you to put extra stuff into it to detoxify. It does that all by itself. What your body really needs is for you to stop putting extra stuff into it.

All that your body needs to clean your bowels, clear your cells, keep your blood at the right acidic (or alkaline) level, and so on is…

A healthy, balanced diet

Doctors have been saying this for a long, long time.

Excess vitamins tend to just waste your money, in some cases almost literally peeing it down the toilet, and can even cause health problems. Raw-food diets ignore the fact that humans have co-evolved with fire, and so we need cooked food for optimal digestion and absorption. Starvation diets, although they cause us to lose weight in the short term, usually cause us to put on extra weight in the long term. Detox teas and supplements are just more stuff for your body to have to get rid of, thereby getting in the way of doing the actual work of detoxifying you.

Unless your doctor, pharmacist or other health professional advises you to take anything else (e.g. medicine), a healthy balanced diet, including water, is all that you need to put into your mouth. Small occasional amounts of poison (alcohol, junk food, and so on) is perfectly within your body’s ability to clear it out, without you having to shove supplements down to “help it along”.

If you are thinking about starting a new diet for health reasons, the best thing that you can do is eat healthily. A healthy, balanced diet, including water, is what your body evolved to eat, and therefore contains everything that your body needs to detoxify itself.

For advice on vitamins, detox teas, raw foods, and other supplements, consult your nutritionist or dietician. They are the people who have been properly trained to look after your diet.

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