Cog wheels

Hypnotherapy, life coaching, and the like, can seem to offer help for a dizzying array of problems. It could seem as though it’s not a single type of therapy but a large number of different ones.

In fact, these complementary therapies mostly all boil down to the same fundamental core, which is this…

Your brain has learned unhelpful strategies, including your thought patterns, and automatic behaviours and responses. In essence, all that we really need to do is to teach your brain different strategies — new ways to approach old problems. New thoughts, new behaviours, new responses.

Instead of freezing at the sight of a spider, you can calmly remove it from the room. If it’s a dangerous spider, instead of panicking, you’ll act in an efficient and safe manner.

Instead of angrily sitting down and bolting down a tub of ice cream to cool you off after someone said something that made you boil, you’ll respond in a confident, calm and constructive manner at the time when it happens.

Instead of breaking out in a sweat, shaking and fumbling that public speaking engagement, you’ll calmly walk up to the podium, take a breath, and deliver a strong performance.

And so on.

In some cases, I have had clients who came to me with problems that have surrounded their life. By addressing their problems one by one in a fun and effective way, they’ve done nothing less than reshape their entire life pattern.

These are complementary therapies, not alternative therapies. This means that, where applicable, we work together with the medical profession. Indeed, in a number of cases, I will encourage or even insist that you see your doctor before seeing me. As one example, coming off an alcohol addiction requires medical attention to prevent dangerous damage to your body from withdrawal.

If you have a problem that you believe has an emotional or mental underpinning, call me to discuss your needs. I will tell you if it’s something that we can work on together, or if I should refer you elsewhere.

Getting help

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