Gambling addiction help

Do you need gambling addiction treatment?

Gambling addiction help in Oxfordshire

It can be fairly easy to tell if you have a gambling addiction. When the promise of the thrill of the gamble means more to you in the moment than looking after your finances, when you gamble more than your budget allows, you know that you have a problem.

Whether you can’t walk past the betting shop or keep away from the online gambling site, you just can’t seem to stop yourself for long from taking that flutter… and another…

If your gambling leaves you short, interferes with your everyday life, gets you into trouble with your work or your spouse, lands you in serious debt, or leaves you and your loved ones short of food, this type of addiction, like any other, needs to be stopped.

The big question is: How?

How do you stop a gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction treatment in Oxfordshire

You might think that losing everything would stop your gambling. Unfortunately, what some addicts find is that even having lost everything, as soon as they have money in their pocket, the lure of a machine seems irresistible. The promise of the next big win, despite all experience, grows large in their mind like an unwelcome visitor that won’t leave.

Perhaps willpower works? For a few people, yes, sheer willpower does the job, once they realise that their craving has done nothing but bring misery in return for a few temporary moments of promise. But for most people, willpower just isn’t enough.

This is where gambling addiction treatment helps. Rather than using willpower, which many people find doesn’t work anyway, Hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire works on the very parts of your mind that create your habit, and shows you how to turn them around.

The idea is that instead of having your brain work against you, we change this, so that your brain and you work together as a team. Imagine the day when gambling no longer has that irresistible allure that used to pull you in.


Gambling addiction therapy

Sometimes, a person has two or more addictions at the same time. They feed each other. For example, a gambler might find that they can avoid gambling — until they start drinking. It becomes a spiral: drink to feel better; gamble; drink more because gambling didn’t work; gamble more to repeat the promise of a rush; and so on.

When this happens, it’s important to get help for addiction for all of the addictions, because solving just one leaves you susceptible to being pulled right back into the spiral, undoing all that good work.

How does gambling addiction therapy work?

When you come to get help for your gambling problem, we start off by exploring and understanding your personal situation. Although addictions all have much in common, each person has a unique life with unique experiences and a unique environment. We look at what is behind your craving, so that when we remove the craving, we also deal with the drivers and triggers that made you addicted in the first place.

When you feel that the time has come for you to have some confidential help, or you just want to ask a couple of questions about how therapy can help you, contact me. I’ll be happy to hear from you.