Anxiety hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire

Anxiety hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire

Do you suffer with anxiety? Does anxiety overwhelm you and interfere with your life?

If you find that you are struggling to cope with the level of anxiety in your life, you might find that there are several reasons why this is happening. Work, finance, relatives, an unsettled mind, lifestyle, and other factors can all contribute to anxiety.

Anxiety hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire can help by addressing the factors that lead to your overwhelming circumstances. Working closely and confidentially with you, one-on-one, you and I work together to change how your subconscious and even your body respond to stress and other circumstances in your life.

As a qualified life coach, I can also help you with more practical matters about how to deal with events, so that you can not only feel happier with yourself but also take greater control over your own life, giving you new choices and freedom.

Stress and anxiety management in Oxford

Stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand. When you feel anxious about something, your stress goes up. When your stress is high, you often find that you start to feel anxious about life.

When we deal with anxiety, we also take a close look at the stresses that surround you, and make sure that you are able to cope with them. New skills and new ways of thinking come together to reduce the effect that outside events have on you, so that you can deal with what’s happening with a clear head and without feeling overwhelmed.

The aim is to reduce anxiety to virtually nothing, and stress to a naturally healthy level that stimulates you instead of knocking you down.

Panic attack hypnosis


When you are completely submerged in anxiety, it can feel like this is the end, there’s no hope for survival. Even when it’s irrational (as it is for some people), this leads to a panic attack, leaving you not only overwhelmed but also unable to cope with even the simplest thing. A panic attack is anxiety that is out of control.

When your body has a panic attack as an automatic reaction to some event or thought, this is where anxiety hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire can help. We change the way that your subconscious responds, giving you the choice of how to respond. In other words, you have the freedom to decide what will happen when that scary thing happens, instead of letting it decide what you feel.

Fear and phobia help

A phobia is a powerful form of irrational anxiety. It’s not a normal fear of something — being nervous about a poisonous snake or spider makes sense. A phobia is where the fear is overblown and gets in the way of a normal life, even in the face of something quite harmless.

If you have a phobia or a strong irrational fear of something, this can often be solved fairly quickly, even for long-standing problems that have been with you for years!

Road rage

A particularly dangerous type of anxiety is road rage. When you feel angry at other drivers (or other road users) for being on the road and getting in your way or doing what you feel is wrong, you lose focus and take risks, and ultimately could lead to behaviour that you will regret.

The good news is that it is usually quite easy to change unhappy, angry, stressful and anxiety-producing driving with something that is pleasant, relaxed, peaceful and calmly focused. Even if this has been a lifelong driving habit, it doesn’t take long to turn it around and generate a new driving habit. Before long, you’ll look at other drivers with road rage and think, “Thank heavens that I’m no longer like that!”

Anger management

People respond to anxiety in different ways. For example, some get depressed; some become agitated; and some get angry!

Anger as a response to anxiety is a type of defense mechanism. Usually learned early in life, this becomes automatic, and you feel as though you can’t help it — you must get angry!

If this happens to you, we work not only on the anxiety and stresses in your life, but also on your automatic subconscious response. We change how your mind perceives anger as a survival strategy, and find alternative behaviours, thoughts and emotions that are more helpful, don’t alienate people, help you to feel more in control, and don’t leave you feeling wound up and exhausted. Feeling calm and in control is always a better way to handle any problem!

OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and hypnotherapy

The stereotype of OCD is someone who constantly washes everything including their hands. Although this does happen quite often, obsessive-compulsive disorder can come in various forms.

One unusual type is Primarily cognitive OCD (also known by other names such as Pure O), which is where the obsession is primarily in the mind and not readily observed by others. For example, a sufferer might believe that they are going to harm someone, when in fact they have no intention of doing so.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with OCD, anxiety hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire can give extra oomph to the treatment that your doctor gives you.

Getting help

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