Stop smoking

Stop smoking hypnotherapy in Oxford

Are you finding it impossible to quit smoking? Have you tried, and tried again, but just can’t seem to stay away? Is smoking such a part of your life that you can’t imagine how you could be without it?

Smoking cessation is easy, but…

Most smokers tell me that they can stop smoking, but that they struggle to stay stopped. It always seems to draw them back in, sometimes quickly, sometimes after a few weeks or even months.

On the surface, this seems strange. Most people will support you when you decide to stop. Going clean leaves you feeling stronger and better, and you likely already know all of the health benefits. Nicotine has such mild withdrawal symptoms that many quitting smokers don’t even notice them. Nicotine is one of the easiest addictive substances to stop using. It is typically out of your system within just three days.

So, why do ex-smokers keep coming back?

Well, after three days, all physical addiction has disappeared. The only “hook” is psychological. One of those hooks is the feeling that somehow smoking helps you to cope with life. While that’s not the only hook, it’s probably the most important.

It’s this psychological hook that keeps bringing you back to smoking, and it’s the most important aspect of getting you off smoking — more important than getting you off nicotine (although that’s also important).

That’s why Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire is here to help.

Stop smoking — with nicotine replacement?

You have probably tried to stop smoking with nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), such as patches or gum. While they are unquestionably less harmful than smoking, they don’t solve the problem — because they keep you addicted to nicotine! It’s a bit like saying that you’re going to help a heroin addict go clean by giving them heroin.

One study compared the success rate of smoking cessation using nicotine replacement to mere willpower. Unsurprisingly, willpower had a better result (although still small).

Stop smoking hypnotherapist in Oxford

Resist smoking

Resisting smoking needs willpower. As any long-term smoker will tell you, this is a pretty poor weapon to use against smoking. Stopping smoking by using only willpower is, for most smokers, just too hard.

For that reason, smokers need help to quit. Hypnotherapy is one of the better solutions, and when combined with other therapies (as you’ll find when you see the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist in Oxford), it gives you the best possible chance.

How to stop smoking

While most smokers know how to stop smoking — you might have stopped a dozen times — staying stopped seems to be the big problem. An ex-smoker will often feel drawn back in when feeling stressed or bored, or while in a social environment where they normally used to smoke. Alcohol can make it harder to resist.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy in Oxford

At stop smoking hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire, we don’t just work on getting you to quit smoking now. We look at everything to do with smoking — the times when you struggle, where you are tempted, how you deal with stressful moments, and what to do instead of taking that dose of nicotine.

Rather than seeing smoking as your “friend” that helps you through tough times and good times, you will realise how cigarettes have been a false friend, and how smoking has been holding you back from a deeper enjoyment of life. You will learn simple, easy strategies to move through those tough times without feeling overwhelmed, and to enjoy the good times in full.

In other words, we don’t want you to be an ex-smoker who feels like you’re missing out when you see others smoke. We want you to be a non-smoker who turns your nose up at cigarettes, and struggles to remember why you could possibly have ever thought that smoking was a good idea!