Therapies in Oxfordshire


With the explosion of research into illness, healing, and other forms of help, a huge number of therapies have been developed. Some of them are ancient, such as mindfulness from the Buddhist tradition, which after research has been revamped and accepted by the medical profession. Some are old, such as certain forms of psychiatry, which have recently been superseded by newer forms based on modern research. Others are new. Quite a number are refinements on existing therapies.

Hypnosis counts as one of the older ones, and many people suspect that it is an ancient tool. How it works has been poorly understood, although a lot of research is being done on it. For example, MRI scans have shown certain changes in the brain while hypnotised. Looking at the brains of volunteers in pain experiments, researchers noted that people hypnotised not to feel pain showed similar brain activity to people actually not feeling pain; whereas people pretending to not feel pain showed similar brain activity to people actually feeling pain.

NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, was developed over a period of time in the early and late 1900’s, and it continues to be refined. The name is a fancy of way saying, “fix up the thoughts and behaviours in your brain,” and borrows tools from a number of different disciplines. Other disciplines, in turn, borrow tools from NLP. NLP has helped to mix and merge effective aspects of different therapies and tools. It is used not only for therapy but also for improvement in sports, professional life, business, and other areas.

Many modern day therapies, including hypnosis and CBT, incorporate NLP.

EFT, or emotional freedom technique, was developed as a refinement of TFT, or thought-field therapy, which was quite recently added as a tool to NLP.

Life Coaching is not a therapy (although a number of therapists call themselves life coaches), but is a process to find highly practical methods to address issues and find solutions in personal, professional and business life.

CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy, is a talking therapy popular with medical professionals.

There are too many different therapies to name them all, and some of them are amalgamations of others.

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